About Us


    Super designs aren't just templates, they are super templates.

    Internet presence can rearrange leader's top positions - be among them!

    We make,use and experiment with innovations. Our experts create interactive and remaining internet experiences, focusing on functionality, efficiency, aesthetics, design and non-standard performance.The web site is no longer sufficient and compromises with quality and design are ineligible, so we offer also:

      ✔Smooth Workflow                                 ✔Full Support
      ✔Consistent HTML/CSS Markup            ✔Specific Front-End Requirements
      ✔Retina Displays Optimization              ✔Easy to Integrate With Any CMS
      ✔Browser Compatibility                          ✔Mobile Device Compatibility
      ✔Any CSS Framework                              ✔Execution time: 1day
      ✔Price from: 5$                                         ✔SEO friendly code
      ✔Fast loading pages                                 ✔Full support